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Love and Desire : Concepts, Narratives and Practices of sex Amongst Youths in Maputo City (Printed)

Love and Desire : Concepts, Narratives and Practices of sex Amongst Youths in Maputo City (Printed)


This monograph analyses the perceptions and practices of sexuality among young people in post-colonial and post-socialist Maputo city. Using a combination of various methods, it compares sexuality in two different generation and describes two diverse kinds of relationships : the occasional and steady.

Occasional relationships tend to show a new pattern of condom use that corroborates the discourse advocated in the prevention of HIV/AIDS ; and the steady where sex is proposition of commitment on the part of young men, and where, there are major possibilities of HIV/AIDS infection. In both kinds of relationships, sex, described by informants in terms of a model of heterosexual penetration, is perceived as a factor that permits transition from childhood to adulthood, by passing parental and other senior kin control.

African Gender Scholarship : Concepts, Methodologies and Paradigms (Printed)

Volume I brings together essays by some of the leading names on gender studies in Africa, as a major contribution to these concerns. Situating themselves variously in relation to claims and counter claims on the universalisms and particularisms in African feminism and gender studies, the authors de-bate the relative (de)-merits of Eurocentrism, African epistemologies and cultures, colonial legacies, postcolonial realities, and other current dilemmas and challenges in understanding and articulating African feminism and gender research. Practiced and budding scholars should find this a fascinating read.

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