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Coloniality of Power in Postcolonial Africa – Myths of Decolonization

Coloniality of Power in Postcolonial Africa – Myths of Decolonization


Coloniality of Power marries the historical complexities of the past with the ambiguities of the present to expose the obstacles imposed by domination and exploitation, while at the same time revealing the oppositional strategies of intellectual and other forms of everyday and organized resistance and nationalism on behalf of the ongoing project of nation building. The urgency of the moment drives the practical insurgencies to produce The Africa We Want.

Toyin Falola, Professor and author of Decolonizing African Studies

“Ndlovu-Gatsheni demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of post-colonial and colonial theory in his evaluation of current African problems.” (From review of Coloniality of Power in Journal of Retracing Africa)

Jason Morgan, University of Texas at Austin

“To decolonise is not automatically to emancipate; to proclaim the postcolonial is not necessarily to end dependency. These terms become often a rhetoric to avoid a sometimes painful exploration and interrogation of the contradictions involved in the long road to true and authentic freedoms. Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni’s startling and important new book refuses us the luxury of rhetoric and invites us to go very much deeper.”

Stephen Chan, Professor of World Politics, SOAS, University of London

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