Ghana Under PNDC Rule analyses the changes in Ghanaian society under Rawlings’s Provisional National Defence Council, the longest serving government in the country’s turbulent history. Since 1981, Rawlings has become a favourite of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and his government’s Structural Adjustment Programmes have been judged as the most thoroughgoing and consistent in the world. What shape did this transition from « revolution » to « economic recovery » take? What has been the effect of these policies on the Ghanaian economy, and more importantly, the Ghanaian people? Very little has been written about the policies and outcomes of the Rawlings regime. This book, written by Ghanaian scholars is a vital contribution to the written history of Ghana. Topics include the crisis of 1981 and the retreat from democratic rule and the role of the stale in achieving political objectives. Strategies of political mobilisation, are examined, as are the IMF and World Bank-influenced agricultural and economic policies. Changes in foreign policy and the law and the effects of PNDC policies on women and their impact on labour are also looked at in depth. This book is essential reading for any student, scholar, individual or organisation who is interested in Military rule, impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes in Africa.


 E. Gyimah – Boadi

ISBN: 2-86978-30-3


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