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Civil Society and the Search for Development Alternatives in Cameroon (Printed)

Civil Society and the Search for Development Alternatives in Cameroon (Printed)


Recent developments have witnessed the emergence of civil society as a major development actor whose potentials and capacity, especially in Africa, are often taken for granted and treated as limitless.

A critical assessment of some of their structures (NGOs, religious organisations, trade unions, home-based associations, women’s mobilisation structures, local community organisations, and the youth) and the legal and political context of the operation of civil society in Cameroon shows a popular effervescence that is visible in social development initiatives; Although this would complement the state and free enterprise, it is however often frustrated by the state’s suspicion in a context of rising social awareness and protest that is assimilated with political opposition or attempts at manipulation along partisans lines.

This book is a call to reform the framework and civil society to assess its components and roles in shaping the future of Africa.

Between Democracy and Terror : The Sierra Leone Civil War (Printed)

This is the most authoritative study of the Sierra Leone civil war to emanate from Africa, or indeed any publications’ programme on Africa. It explores the genesis of the crisis, the contradictory roles of different internal and external actors, civil society and the media; the regional intervention force and the demise of the second republic.

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